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1. Brief

Drive and Orion Arts launched the G20 Summit in St Petersburg, Russia with a multi-dimensional opening ceremony.

2. Experience

Peterhof Palace, known as ‘The Russian Versailles’ was transformed into a series of intricate, visually stunning scenes, celebrating the historic summit. Drive partnered with Orion Arts to reimagine the facade. The 20 minute son et lumiere encompassed bespoke motion graphics, including a 2 story-tell pirouetting ballerina; a live and exclusive performance by a full orchestra and pianist Sergei Zhili; and a dramatic performance by the Phoenix Fire Dancers, who interacted with the multimedia effects and projection.

3. Outcome

Due to the sheer scale of the Peterhof Palace Drive used 18 projectors to map the 293m wide building, the equivalent to 21 London double decker buses end to end. It is the widest building Drive has mapped to date.

Project Details

Client: G20 Summit

Date: February 18, 2015

Online: youtu.be/paTJaXR5M_0

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